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What is an Energy Flow Wall system?

Energy Flow Wall is a new revolutionary concept where the main source of energy is the sun, helping to achieve the best indoor climate and the lowest energy cost by ventilating, heating, and cooling a building.

The components of the system are:

  • Sun Walls with containers filled with PCM (Phase Change Material)
  • Ventilation Windows
  • Electronic Control System of indoor climate and energy
  • Extraction heat pump
  • Cooling Sun Walls (Upcoming development)
  • Underground Extra Storage (Upcoming development)

Component Functions:

Sun Wall

Further developments in Energy Flow Wall resulted in creating a Sun Wall to the system, which consist of containers with Phase Change Material, air pipes, air valves and a matt coloured glass covering the components. The PCM is able to collect and store energy as a heat from the sun during the daytime to be released during the night, and in that way supply the building with energy when it is most needed.

The Ventilation Window

Invented in 2004, with the intention of supplying a building with fresh preheated air instead of the installation of a ventilation system. The Ventilation Window can supply the building with fresh air from the outside both night and day, but the sun can only preheat the ventilation air passing the window as long as it shines. The rest of the time, the ventilation air is only preheated by the heat loss from the building.

Electronic Control System

To ensure that all rooms are ventilated and heated/cooled, the system has sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and in the future development, PPM level in each room.

To regulate the temperature and indoor climate in each room, the owner of the building has a mobile app and/or a Control Panel.

Parameters control may be done by the service team at Energy Flow Wall ApS.

Heat Pump

The purpose of a heat pump located inside the building is to ventilate and reuse the heat from the warm air before it is blown out from the rooms. That function allows avoiding heat loss, significantly improving indoor climate and heat pump efficiency. Moreover, It creates an underpressure inside the building and stabilise the temperature.

All the behaviour of heating sources and the extraction heat pump is under electronic control and constantly regulated by a control system designed specifically for a particular building

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You are welcome to make contact to us regarding the implementation of Energy Flow Wall concept in your existing - or in your  coming house or apartment. We are sure that we can be a help for you in your project and that we together can make the best and most sustainable solution.

Please share your ideas and drawings with us and let's develop your project together, implementing our spirit for a Green Planet where the use of Fossil Energy belongs to the past.


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